"We listen to our clients, advise them of their best options, and execute their desires."


  • Diamond Plot Repairs for Round and Fancy
  • Recut Diamonds to Ideal, triple Excellent, H&A, and other cut grades.
  • Process and cut Rough Diamonds.
  • Fancy shape recut.
  • Educational Diamond buying experience.
  • Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.
  • All Fine and Custom Jewelry.
  • Jewelry Appraisals from our Graduate Gemologist.


We understand buying a diamond can be overwhelming. We are here to educate and make this an enjoyable experience! No matter your budget, we are confident we will be able to find the perfect diamond for you. As diamond cutters by trade, our knowledge of cut guarantees that any diamond we sell will be of high light performance and brilliance, no matter the Color and Clarity. Our knowledge of the industry ensures each stone was carefully curated for excellence through hundreds of possible options to best fit each client's wants and desires. Come into our welcoming showroom for a one-on-one lesson on Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat, and see how these 4 C's makeup the value of your future diamond.


Of the 4 C's, Cut is the most important factor of a diamond. An Ideal or Excellent cut diamond will yield maximum light return even with minimal light; therefore, the stone has the ultimate brilliance.

We focus on bringing the best light performance to every stone we touch. Whether the diamond is to become a Very Good or an Excellent cut grade, we evaluate every proportion combination to ensure the best light performance is achieved. We specialize in cutting Excellent, Ideal, ACA, and H&A diamonds while retaining the most weight possible.

We offer diamonds with certifications from the two leading gemological laboratories: Gemology Institute of America Laboratory and the American Gem Society Laboratory

Our clients are so important and we accomplish a lot together. 
We understand the value of achieving the best cut possible while maintaining the most weight. 

Have any questions or concerns on buying diamonds, or an image of her perfect ring you want to show us? We would love to talk about it. Contact Us.

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